Modern software operates in a very complex environment and issues are bound to arise. Often businesses request assistance to get more out of their current CRM application. We offer support at competitive rates and offer pre-paid contracts for greater flexibility.


DesignR1 is pleased to do our best in assisting you over the phone.
Call us at:
U.S.A.: 1-877-755-9029
U.K.: +44 (0) 1428 641 722


Technical support by Email is readily available and allows you to communicate with us clearly, at your convenience, irrespective of time zones and distance

Email us at:

Support Ticket

To get support fill out the contact us form to the right or email us at


Technical support on site may be necessary or desirable. Simply email or telephone us to discuss your needs.

Remote Diagnostics

It is not always expedient to use on-site servicing. DesignR1 is happy to offer remote, online assistance. This method of external access allows for fast, inexpensive, quick-fix assistance. This service may be reserved in 15 minute increments, ensuring your company has a handy back-up.


DesignR1 offers a complete range of troubleshooting services, from simple advice on compression and re-indexing to a complete system evaluation and rebuild.