Custom Development

Customizing can transform your business capabilities through focused planning, individual, specific screens and layouts, and detailed reporting.

System Deployment

From a simple single user installation to complex multi-user, multi-site deployments with synchronization, DesignR1 can install, test and configure the SageCRM software of your choice, to your particular requirements.

Database Design

Most of the software we recommend is customizable and can be arranged to work in a variety of business environments. We work closely with you to determine the key business information you wish to enter and report on, ensuring that your finalized database matches your requirements. Using DesignR1 for your database design is a low risk option, ensuring your business will be up and running, quickly and efficiently.

Layout Design

The importance of the ‘User Experience’ is often underestimated when considering a Contact Management Solution. DesignR1 understands that in order to gain maximum value from your investment, the software must be proficient and pleasant to use. We achieve this by creating layouts that enhance your user’s experience and ensure that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

Report Customization

A well designed report can provide powerful benefits to your business by making sense of your valuable customer data. We can take you all the way from drawing up the specification and creating a report template, through your system’s complete deployment and training.

Data Migration

If you already have data from another source we can import this for you. Some of the common data formats that DesignR1 has successfully converted to the Act! format are:; MSCRM; Goldmine; Dbase; Excel; Access; Filemaker Pro; FoxPro; Lotus; Text; and many more…

Synchronization Setup

You may have several people working in a central office as well as remote locations. DesignR1 can establish a synchronization process that will allow all of your users to share the most current information; from ‘road warriors’ to office administrative staff. There are a variety of synchronization methods available. DesignR1 is easily able to advise on the best method for your particular needs and help to implement them.

Password Retrieval

There are several reasons you may need to retrieve passwords from your database. DesignR1 is able to extract the user ID and password from your database to reactivate your invaluable data and prevent future security problems.

Customized Programming.

Whether it be unique ideas from experience in your business to improve your workflow or simply frustration at the lack of specific tools for your job, DesignR1 offers customized programming that may give you an edge in business…or just an easier day.