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DesignR1 delivers wireless networks that enhances mobile learning and builds confidence in learners and teachers.
A robust and secure wireless network offers the ultimate in flexibility, providing network access to
areas of your school site that may not be otherwise accessible. DesignR1 delivers
wireless networks that can:

  • Provide fast access to the internet, network or file servers from any part of the school
  • Avoid disruptions and ‘downtime’ associated with inferior wireless networks
  • Avoid the cost and disruption of carrying out traditional cabled installations
  • Provide network coverage in temporary buildings or outside areas that are impossible to service using structured cabling
  • Expand your schools network easily and at low cost
  • Implement a network in a small school or large school more cost-effectively than using cabling


Network infrastructure

Cost-effective network infrastructure – tailored to your requirements.
Network switches play a vital role in ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your network. By investing in the right switching equipment, you can ensure your entire network is:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Future proof
  • Reliable
  • Effective

DesignR1’s experienced networking team will work with you to identify your current and
future networking needs and help you select the right switching equipment for your school. We will
then design a complete network infrastructure solution for you with your budget in mind, and
implement and test it to an agreed timescale.


DesignR1 is proud to provide world class sales and service for:

Dell HP Lenovo Cisco Ruckus
Aruba Meraki Ubiquiti Meru Cisco-Systems
Tripp-Lite Microsoft Google And More


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