The Team

DesignR1 Software, LLC

6510 S Hazelton Lane
Suite 139
Tempe AZ 85283-3226
United States
Tel: 1-877-755-9029

Rainer Hoffmueller

Rainer Hoffmueller – Co-Owner/Finance
– Worldwide –

Managing Director Rainer founded DesignR1. As a programmer, Act! Certified Consultant, with extensive experience in the semi-conductor industry, he has set the tone for technical expertise and accuracy with an honest and helpful approach to customer needs. An Australian -German who is based in Phoenix AZ; his enjoyment is finding solutions to business needs. His eye for detail is the terror of the firm but he takes the teasing like a true gentleman.

Mark Hammer

Mark Hammer – Co-Owner/Sales
– Worldwide –

Technical Director Mark came to DesignR1 directly from Sage in Phoenix where he worked in QA on the new breed of SQL based Act! One of the most knowledgeable Act! Consultants today, Mark is also a hardware freak. Taking charge of our web and database hosting services, Mark has general oversight of all things Act! He is young, quick, and very energetic. Mark’s decisiveness and wide knowledge is a great asset to DesignR1.

Greg Ferber

Greg Ferber – CRM Consultant/Head Developer
– Oregon Office –

Joining us as an experienced Act! Certified Consultant who also worked at Sage in technical support, Greg Ferber has been programming since age 5. He is now recognized as one of the top programmers working with Act! Since joining DesignR1, Greg has been very busy with projects for customers, assisting other Act! Consultants, as well as helping with our own branded suite of Act! Add-On products.


Daniel Graves – Senior CRM Consultant
– SoCal –

Daniel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Masters of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology.

In the 70’s and 80’s, he designed and programmed the on-board Spacelab computer systems, and trained NASA astronauts in the Marshall Space Center facility.

In the 90’s, Daniel was the first programmer hired by Healthways to create an Electronic Medical Record database which catapulted the startup company into the Fortune 500 within 6 years.

Daniel has been installing and customizing ACT! since its Windows inception in 1991, and in the new Millennium, officially became a Certified Act! Consultant and Act! Premier Trainer.  He joined DesignR1, in 2016, from the Southern California consulting firm Database-USA.

Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy – Director of Sales and Marketing
– West Coast –

With over a dozen years of sales and customer service experience, Jason Murphy brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in making the customer experience at DesignR1 top notch. He is number one when it comes to making sure that you get the right product or service the first time. He also is fun to talk to, so you enjoy spending your money with him.

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan – CRM Consultant/Developer
– Oregon Office –

Kevin has worked on a wide variety of programming from databases to robotics! Kevin assists Greg with add-ons, and database customization.

Erik Smetana

Erik Smetana – Technical Support
– Oregon Office –

Erik provides technical support for all of our Act! customers and Act! add-ons.